A November Dawn Ferry to Martha’s Vineyard.

I went over to the “other side” yesterday evening, to join my friends in the Woods Hole Folk Orchestra to play tunes for the monthly “first Saturday” contra dance in the Community Hall. The floor was full last night. The oldest dancers were in their seventies and eighties. The youngest dancer might have been three. She was adorable. She wore an aquamarine tulle skirt. Even more adorable was her enthusiasm and utter confidence among people twice her height. Sorry to have no photo, but last night I had a guitar strap, not a camera strap, around my neck.

Despite the late night, once home at midnight I set the alarm for a five o’clock Sunday morning wake-up, in order to make the six o’clock ferry. Back on the Vineyard, my old friend Peter was to have a ten o’clock 60th birthday potluck brunch. I wanted to get back early enough to help prepare the food we would bring.

I got on the the boat at five to six.

As soon as we left the dock I went up on deck.

The new day’s light was in the sky.


Woods Hole, Massachusetts. Juniper Point and the “Airplane House”, silhouetted in the new day’s building light.

One minute later, you could see another point, and another silhouette.

Nobska Lighthouse.

IMG_0788 (1)

Outlines of land, of the Airplane House and of the Nobska Lighthouse.

When the sun broke the horizon, the internal clock of the camera registered seven twenty-five AM.


Sunrise on Vineyard Sound.

We turned to starboard, and passed between The Chops at seven thirty.

IMG_0831 (1)

East Chop, and the East Chop Lighthouse, backlit by the newrisen sun.

Peter’s Party was a success, by the way.




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