Sunset and Moonset, Southwest Wind, Woods Hole.

Last night at sunset I went from one side to the other.


Sunset light reflects on ferry sidewall, Woods Hole, MA. And oh, yes, the fingernail moon.

I went up on deck right after boarding.

IMG_9527 (1)

The irresistible cliché.

The loading door of the ferry is a giant hydraulically operated clamshell.


Looking at the sunset from the inside of the big steel clam.

The side of the “clam” has shaped “windows”.


Lights were coming on in the houseboat village.


Sails were coming in.
And a power boat waited for the Eel Pond Bridge opening.

IMG_9535 (1)

The moon and stars weren’t waiting for anyone.

2 responses to “Sunset and Moonset, Southwest Wind, Woods Hole.

    • I’m using a five or six generations out-of-date G model point and shoot Canon powershot. I think it’s an 11, but it might be a 12. I’m a cheap yankee, and don’t like to buy new equipment until my working tools die. I’ve had this one fixed twice. Last time was about seven months ago. These Canons get that darn “lens error” message and give you a black screen. You can be sure that criteria for next camera will include toughness and dust-resistance.

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