Rain for Wishetwurra Farm. At Last!

For the first time since early, early spring, we’ve had a real, 24-hour soaker of a rain. Fog, mist, drizzle, rain, downpour, lightning and thunder were our lot yesterday. Glorious!

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 6.24.05 AM

Wishetwurra Farm got about 3″. The airport rain gauge collected 3.08″. Parts of Edgartown report almost 5″.

Wishetwurra Farm got bucketsful.


Water to the knuckles in a slightly tapered bucket.



There should be an official Wishetwurra Farm yellow rubber duckie to swim in such a lake as is provided by this waterfilled wheelbarrow.

Newly-sown oats and tillage radishes have leapt from the earth.



Fall cover crop of alternating rows of oats and tillage radishes. The radishes are a soil-improvement experiment. We’ll report on the radish experiment in a future post.

We’ve been picking beach plums from the bushes out back.


Enthusiastic crop of red beach plums. We’ve got two bushes. One makes purple plums, the other red.

We’ve been putting up applesauce, and making relish. We made a test batch of this relish last year. It was eaten up so quickly that this year we’re making twice as much.

IMG_9358 (2)

Relish makings…freshly ground tropea onions, cucumbers, and red corno di toro peppers.

During a lull in the rain yesterday I took a barefoot walk into town and back.

I stopped to admire the big old tulip tree in the yard of Mrs. Marshall’s old house.


The old tulip tree. Music Street, West Tisbury, MA

In the Rosenthal’s yard at the end of Music Street, horse chestnut leaves have turned fall-brown. They’re always the first to color up. Soon the husks will open and drop their brown marbled contents.

The season is changing.

IMG_9371 (1)

Rain came!

2 responses to “Rain for Wishetwurra Farm. At Last!

  1. The airport gave 2.75 inches as the official figure, but I swear there were almost 4 inches in my two buckets. OK, some of it might have fallen from the trees, but not that much. I also noticed that the puddles weren’t as big as they usually are after a hard rain, and that they’ve been disappearing more quickly. The path behind the West Tisbury is often completely underwater when it rains. Not this time. The ground was so thirsty.

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