Wishetwurra Farm. September 2015

I’ll be taking photos later today, for the regular monthly report.

In the meantime, here’s a little set of photos from early September Wishetwurra Farm.


Peppers and tomatoes are flooding in. Corno di Toro peppers, mixed varieties of ‘mater.

What a bountiful time of year.

IMG_9230 (1)

The kitchen counter…Those two tomatoes weigh a total almost three pounds. Bag of oats for fall cover crop. And many jars of just-canned applesauce.

How do you get to applesauce?

Pick apples.


Apple drawing from a few years ago. Colored pencil.

The don’t have to be pretty.


They don’t have to be pretty. Another apples drawing, also colored pencil.

Clean ’em, quarter ’em, cook ’em, can ’em.

IMG_9217 (1)

Apples cooking down in the “maslin” pan. (Has extra-thick bottom to help keep from burning the contents.)

The two beach plum bushes on the north side of the house have started to bear. One bush makes purplish berries, the other makes a yellow-to-pink berry. Combined, they make a berry nice rainbow.


Beach plums. We picked a gallon and a half the other day, and that’s just a start. No time to make jam right away, so we bagged them and put them in the freezer, to be taken out when we have a few hours to make jam.

That’s all for now…

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