Apologies and a Glimpse of the Fair

Apologies: Not many posts lately.

We had the Invasion of Family and Grandchildren for over a week, and then we hosted four visiting Cuban dancers for another week. (Between our modest Spanish and their modest English, we got by just fine.)

The 2015 Martha’s Vineyard Agricultural Society Annual Cattle Show and Fair has been taking place this weekend. A few photographs were taken.

Here are a small selection of those pictures.

Look, up in the sky!

IMG_9058 (1)

The cow, the swan, and the bubble.

Look! Down on the ground!


At the “Fiber Tent”. The Short, Shod Toes of Katherine Long.

Look inside the Hall!

In the Main Hall was Joyce Maxner’s felt portrait of her husband.


Steve Maxner and his mandolin.

Back outside, the Galaxy was being saved.

IMG_8956 (1)

At the back side of the Hall was….

IMG_8940 (1)

Wall, gas pipe, gas tank, gas tank rain splash green arc on wall, and friend with “friend”.

I wish I’d gotten this photo on the first day of the Fair.

IMG_9059 (2)

Thanks for lighting up my life by enjoying thetompostpile.

Wishetwurra Farm’s entries did well this year!

Stay tuned for the prize report.

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