Enticed by Geometries. Plus a Musing or Few.

How’s it going?

You might consider this post a progress report.

Many photographers are attracted to lines and angles and shapes.


Triangles and angles, with strong colors and contrasts. Morning doorways at a beach club,Chappaquiddick, MA.

Our eyes seek out geometries.

I’m no expert, but I will say that finding the right “geometries” in pictures is one of the major ways you can change a photograph into something “more”.

IMG_8690 (1)

Edgartown, MA lighthouse through Chappaquiddick beach club dock and swing structure.

Changing the placement of a camera by very small distances can have an amazing effect on what your image “does”, and what it looks like. I staggered around like a madman while trying to get triangles in my recent swallowtail-in-the-greenhouse photos.

IMG_8583 (1)

Spicebush swallowtail butterfly trying to get out of the greenhouse, Wishetwurra Farm, West Tisbury, MA.

I’m always looking for good yin and yang.

Here’s some angular and stony yanging and yining.


Looking for Yang and Yin, Menemsha jetty, Chilmark, MA

Sometimes it feels to me as if the spaces and geometries in the world are talking all the time.

They’re talking in a lot of different languages, most of which I don’t understand.

But I’m getting bits here and there.

Basic geometries.


Geometries and angles of tia and sobrino. Plus a wee bit of motion. In the yard, West Tisbury, MA.

So I keep listening to my pictures, trying to hear the conversations of their geometries.

I hear more than I used to, but comprehension¬†isn’t always quick.

Oh well.

They say it’s the journey, not the destination.

Plenty of fun is being had.

Along the way.


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