The New Angel’s Trumpet

We mentioned recently that we got a little cutting from a pink brugmansia, or angel’s trumpet, last fall. For the winter its home was a jar of water, where it started making roots. Come spring, we transplanted it to a 4″ pot. Now it’s over three feet tall, and blooming profusely.

Here’s a photo from the other night. In it you can see just about all the flower stages from bud to final collapse, when the bloom falls off and leaves just a “string”, hanging from the old bud. One of the fascinating things about this plant is that when the flowers first burst from their sheath, they are greenish yellow. Only later do they develop their pink color.


What a fine flower.

IMG_8844 (1)

You can see pollen here and there on the walls of the bloom. Nectar glistens deep down in the interior.

A friend saw this picture, and accused me of okeeffing.


2 responses to “The New Angel’s Trumpet

  1. A very fine flower indeed — and one that our neighbor Cynthia Riggs hasn’t used yet as the title of a murder mystery. I think I’ll mention it to her. The top photo reminds me of the prow of a Viking ship, although I don’t think the Vikings ever set sail in anything that color.

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