Wishetwurra Flower

Here’s an August bouquet for you all.

Red-orange tithonia, the mexican sunflower.

One of the flowers we grow every single year.

The bees are almost always abuzz in the tithonia blossoms.


A tithonia opens.


I did not know until today that this flower originates from Central America.

Now you do, too.


Gomphrena, or globe amaranth. I hadn’t grown these in forty years. They sure are cute.

Pink brugmansia.

This spring it was an unrooted 4″ cutting.

This morning it is 47″ tall, with three big pink blossoms.


Also known as angel’s trumpet. It’s a poisonous plant, hence the name.

The letter “Z” buzzes like a bee.

In our garden you will always find zzzz-zinias.

We luvz them.


Orange cactus-flowered zinnia. These are exuberant and delightful. Why hadn’t we grown them before?

Black eyed-susan. Not Zoozan.

Does anyone know anyone named Zoozan?

That would be an interesting name.


Volunteer black-eyed susan in the doorway garden.

A rose is not arroz.

This double rosa ruga blooms at the corner of the deck.

Tristan doesn’t like it there, because he scratched himself on his face when he was about two, and remembers the incident every single time he goes by.

IMG_8683 (1)

Double pink hybrid rosa rugosa. Every so often it throws out some hot pink blossoms, and we don’t know why.

There are a lot of flowers blooming at Wishetwurra Farm right now. Dozens and dozens of species, and thousands upon thousands of individual flowers. The bees like it here. So do the hummingbirds.

Happy August!


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