Wishetwurra August Vegetable Gallery

Were you on the ground and wandering about Wishetwurra Farm just now, you might see some vegetables.

Here is a gallery of those veg, with minimal comment.


Look, Ma! There’s a bumblebee in the asparagus fronds. Those little legs in silhouette are hilarious!



The tomatoes are colouring up! That means it’s “zucchini pie” time at last! https://thetompostpile.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/a-secret-even-unto-five-generations-or-zucchini-pie/



The broccoli diver has abandoned the broccoli in favor of a marigold bush, and is pushing a squash for fun.



Young scarlet runner beans. They’ll soon get their characteristic dark mottles, but at this stage are pink pink pink. My grandson calls them M&M beans, and eats them like candy.


IMG_8609 (1)

The long bean.



The costoluto genovese tomato. Classic piedmontese Italian tomato. Thomas Jefferson grew these in his Monticello gardens.



A future pumpkin pie.



So ugly. Warts and all. So yummy. The “futzu” Japanese pumpkin.



The paste tomatoes are making clusters of fruit, which are showing signs of ripening.


IMG_8630 (1)

Tropea red “torpedo” onions, raised from seed. This year is our best success ever with these sweet, succulent alliums. They don’t store well, but neither does sweet corn.



In the three sisters patch, a blue hubbard squash is getting pumped up.



The butternut squash, the butternut squash, and the butternut squash. Looking good! The white stuff is a kaolin clay spray we’re experimenting with this year.



Anyone want a big fat cabbage?


IMG_8654 (1)

Over where the new potatoes were grabbled, newly planted pease are emerging. We always try for a fall crop of pease. It’s never as prolific as the spring crop, but eating a fresh pea in the fall is a very fine thing.

For our next post we’ll do insects.

Or maybe flowers.

Kind regards from August Wishetwurra Farm.


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