Yay summer! (Olio)

Here are a few photos to celebrate summer.


Looking up in the Wishetwurra Farm three-sisters corn patch.


Rosa rugosa hips ripening, Quissett Beach, Falmouth, MA


Changing sky at evening. South shore of Martha’s Vineyard.


Resting bumblebee on hollyhock. Note the milkweed pollinia on the bee’s feet!


One Wishetwurra Farm blueberry. 4.1 grams. Four of these make a mouthful.


Queen Anne’s Lace. Wild Carrot. Daucus carota. West Tisbury, MA


Happy harvest arrangement, Wishetwurra Farm. West Tisbury, MA

Life is full-summer busy.

Kind regards to all, from the Farm.

2 responses to “Yay summer! (Olio)

  1. There’s nothing wrong in celebrating Summer’s happy, fast-moving moments. They won’t be here long; not nearly long enough.

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