Quissett Beach of a July Morning

We went to Quissett Beach with a friend this morning.

C and M swam while I walked and looked.

There were occupants in the osprey nest in between Oyster Pond and Vineyard Sound.

IMG_8057 (1)

Osprey nest pole in Quissett, MA. The white spots on the road are osprey poo. We saw one of the parents forcefully eject off the side of the nest. Out of curiosity about osprey poo projection power, I paced off the distance from pole to poospots. How far was the dung flung??? The most-distant poospots are 45 to 50 feet from the pole.

Fog so filled the air that you could feel airborne water droplets tickle your armhairs.


What are those circles on the sand?

They are the work of a busy beach artist.

IMG_8039 (2)

Peace symbol, Heart, Smiley Face, and DAN. Written on the sand with waashed-up eelgrass.

Beach art.

So ephemeral.



I took nothing but photographs.




And left nothing but footprints.

2 responses to “Quissett Beach of a July Morning

  1. Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints. That’s a good rule to live by, but here’s a corollary: always pack out more than you pack in.

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