Skies over a Showery Sound

Tropical-style showers were traveled north as I traveled south on the ferry.

IMG_7846 (1)

Woods Hole Passage in changey weather.

One minute’s total overcast  would be replaced by windows to blue in the next.

IMG_7848 (1)

Contrasting diagonal rhythms in clouds and swells.

A strong south wind pushed showers our way.


Looking southwest down Vineyard Sound.

Showers advanced.


Rain’s dark footprints on the water.

Making some just stay inside.

IMG_7862 (2)

Raining is time for reading on the ferry.

After the squall, the upper decks were awash.

IMG_7893 (1)

Two ferries. Two sails.

IMG_7887 (2)

Rail reflections.

The sky opened to blues again.


Looking north towards Falmouth.


Wake and sky.

As we approached the Chops, the tails of the rainclouds were departing.


Raincloud tails over West Chop and East Chop.

Tisbury debarkation was in sun.

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