Transfer Shovel Noir


Two recent photos, rendered in black and white, make up this post.


Reflection on a transfer shovel. After the rain.



Transfer shovel after the rain: Moving heaven and earth.

Your comments are solicited.

3 responses to “Transfer Shovel Noir

  1. Ok so I guess I grew up in a different culture – I had to wikipedia and google (more extensively that one would think) to find out what a transfer shovel is. Really*** intriguing photos – especially the second one – had to look at it a long time to figure it out. Great photographic finds – have to hand it to you. I do think though it might be time to invest in a garage or at least a shelter of some kind for your poor flooded truck! 😉

  2. Most english users do not make much distinction between spades and shovels. In pure theory, spades are used for digging and piercing. The card suit “spades” is named after the spade…that funny pointy shape is what many old spades looked like. Shovels, again in pure theory, are used for moving and transferring material. The truck is fine…all I have to do to get rid of the water is to turn it around, and it all flows out.

  3. The black and white is a statement of aesthetic focus, and I like it as a choice; it allows for attention on graphic composition as well as inferring something about sky, water, and metal, other than color balances….
    There is also a little poetry in shoveling the sky that I particularly enjoy
    and as well that there is no story implied, just objects, angles, and placement…

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