The Wishetwurra Rabbit and a Bouquet

July First, 2015, West Tisbury, Massachusetts

The rabbit arrived about four o’clock this morning and asked me what I had to say for myself. It being the first day of the month, I said, “rabbit, rabbit”, as any normal human is supposed to do first thing on the first day of a month, and then asked the rabbit what was up.

Rabbit told me to get out of bed and back in the saddle. He said he’d stopped by because it was the first of the month and that it was time to get the monthly Wishetwurra Farm post prepared.

Rabbit was right.

I got up and had a bite.

After the sun rose I went into the garden with the camera.

The regular progress report is not done, but here is a bouquet, some visual hors d’oeuvres, to enjoy until the main course arrives in the near future.

When I left the house, color in one of the flower beds attracted my eye…


Rudbeckia, coneflower, or blackeyed susan…are starting to bloom.


They come in many shades nowadays. Yellows, oranges, reds, bicolors, duskies…

In the greenhouse one of the cactus pots had five blossoms.

Their scent filled the air.


On the side of the garden path, a volunteer clump of poppies was abuzz with scores of bees.


A while back I wrote a post about the bees in the poppies. “The Bee’s Knees”. Here is a link.

Late last winter, when the first seed racks popped up inside stores, I was enticed by several of the packets in the zinnia section. Now the plants are popped up throughout the garden.


“Persian Carpet” zinnias. They’re not very big, but they have a nice range of colors. I’ve been fond of them ever since I was a child.

Some zinnias are tiny.

Some are big and flashy.

IMG_7512 (1)

I think this variety was “Jazzy”. Even if it isn’t, it is.

An unopened zinna nearby showed promise.


I love how the petals extend and unroll.

On the ground in the “Three Sisters” corn/squash/beans patch, a male squash flower faced up, calling out to the bees.


Who came to the calling squash flower? Three striped cucumber beetles, that’s who. These darned beetles are among the most intractable pests of Wishetwurra Farm.

Outside the garden, next to an outbuilding, is a rose we planted last year.



“Joseph’s Coat” climbing rose.

Thus ends the bouquet.




3 responses to “The Wishetwurra Rabbit and a Bouquet

  1. That’s so odd about the rabbit thing. In our family we have this superstition – or habit – that the first day of the month, the first person you talk to you say ‘rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, rabbits, rabbits’. I’ve never heard anything like that outside the family until you said about the rabbit! I’ve found several superstitions that are the same despite being from vastly different cultures.

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