Olio on Offer

It’s an olio kind of day.


Four fresh-laid catbird eggs, West Tisbury, MA.

My photos of late have been all over the tiny little map of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard.


Alan’s early morning bicycle basket, Woods Hole, MA.

Nothing has yet pulled itself into a coherent post, but some shots have been interesting.


The fall of the trunk chunk. Falmouth, MA

I’ve pawed through the pot of pictures, and pulled out a small pile for the ‘pile.


Peony and Ant. Or: Ant and Peony. The two always seem to go together. Wishetwurra Farm, West Tisbury, MA.

The other day, with an unprogrammed hour to kill, I went for a walk in Falmouth.

The “local” electric utility  has been improving one of the main distribution lines through town.

Big wooden poles are being replaced by larger steel poles.


Protected Open Space, Falmouth, MA.

There used to be some nice walking trails in the area.

The trees took a back seat to clearance distance standards.

Chainsaw, chipper, and glyphosate have been freely applied to acres and acres of right-of-way.


Protected Open Space, Falmouth, MA.

Nearby, I found odd and unexpected beauty on the shelves of a firestruck fabric store.


A spool of silver cord. Found after a fire in a fabric store. Falmouth, MA.

May you also find odd and unexpected beauty.

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