Getting Closer at Wishetwurra Farm

We are regressing, or maybe descending, nicely at Wishetwurra Farm.

First we saw all from on high.

Then we walked around.

With this set of photos we prowl hunchbacked about the garden.

Looking at life from a more lowdown angle.

Next time in the garden I’m just going to crawl around, slowly.

Because the nearer you get, the more you see.

So, what’s going on, from closer in?

Here’s the last of this year’s plantings in the peapatch.


Enthusiastic pea patch, welling up inside its support fence like a newly-struck spring. Two small grandsons and some hangers-on (their Ma and Grandpa) oversaw the strewing of some wrinkly pea seeds on April 18th. Six weeks later, we have a rioting sea of peaplants.

Love me tendril.

IMG_6870 (1)

Some pea varieties are especially tendrilly. As is this one.

Pea flowers mean that pease are on the way!


Let’s check the tomatoes.

Ah….here’s a blossom.


Tomato blossom and lurking aphid.

Across the path, in the trapezoidal area that is home for the “three sisters” corn’n’squash’n’beans planting, the squash vines have gotten established and are starting to move out into the open ground.


No shrinking violet, the winter squash is a fast-moving opportunist, and rapidly grows toward open ground and light. Many squashes will send out more roots from each leaf node.

A couple of years ago I planted some “magenta spreen”. This plant is an amaranth, related to what some folks call “lambs’ quarters”. I let some of the plants go to seed, and two years later, still have little ones popping up all over the garden. And outside, too. It’s good to have weeds you can eat.


The magenta color is a bit dusty, and rubs off. Your fingers and hands turn reddish when you pick a mess of these delicious greens.

Mmmmm. What have we here?




Our asparagus was late getting started this year. We suspect that the foot-deep layer of manure and seaweed we laid on last fall held in the winter’s cold. But it’s growing enthusiastically now. We pick a big handful everyday, and have a month of picking ahead of us still.

The strawberries have begun to bear.


Few things taste as good as a sunwarmed strawberry.

Particularly when eaten five seconds after picking.


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