Late May Cold Front

A few days ago, I had a late afternoon dilemma. “Tea?”, or “Go Get Some Work Done.” “Go Get Some Work Done.” meant “Go to the beach.” Beach beat tea. The day was pleasant and warm…why not? Off I went. First stop was Black Point Beach, to install reflectors on the new gate and to put a repaired rip current warning sign back up.


Black Point Beach, looking northwest. 5:32 PM.

After reinstalling the rip sign I noticed that there were fast-building clouds to the north.


Black Point Beach. Looking north. 5:33 PM.

I got back in the truck and drove over to Quansoo, to inspect the beach and to see if it needed trash pickup. There was trash, enough to fill a forty gallon container. Someone had had a fire in the middle of the path to the water. Only dry sand had been used to stop the fire, not a safe thing to do. I dug out twelve pieces of still-hot, still coaly, still white-ashy firewood. The hottest pieces went into the surf. The less burned and less hot pieces went out quickly, and came home with me. They’re now in the fireplace, to be rekindled on the next chilly evening. Rolls of lower altitude clouds were advancing.


Crab Creek, looking northwest, Quansoo. 5:50 PM

To the north it was even darker.


Quansoo. Looking north-northwest, from the top of the cab of the truck. 5:50 PM

The leading clouds were moving rapidly south over the Atlantic.


Crab Creek and Changing Sky. Quansoo, looking west. 5:53 PM

The north kept getting darker.


Path gap in the Dunes, Quansoo. This is where I dug up that firewood. 5:55 PM

The wind got stronger and stronger from the north. In less than an hour the temperature had gone from the mid seventies to the upper fifties.


Quansoo Beach. Looking southwest towards Squibnocket. 5:55 PM

The wind whipped the wavetops, sending mists southward.
I didn’t go south.
I went north.
Back home.

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