Three Quansoo Horizontals

In the New England of today, you have to seek out places with views that are not hemmed in by buildings or trees.

I have a favorite place to enjoy such views.


It’s here that Tisbury Great Pond meets the Atlantic Ocean.


May 29, 2015. Quansoo: looking south towards the Atlantic Ocean. Water from Tisbury Great Pond flows into the sea. 

After taking this photo, I turned around, to look north towards the Great Pond.



Tisbury Great Pond Opening, May 19, 2015.

The Opening was my destination.

I walked there on the ocean side of the beach, and will return on the pond side.





May 19, 2015. Spring on Tisbury Great Pond always lags. The ocean water stays cool until long days of sun can raise its temperature. So the southwest wind that warms other locations gets cooled by that chilly water, and all along the south shore of the Vineyard, trees are slow to leaf out. We’ll revisit this area in a few weeks, and show you more green.

My everyday world is full of things vertical.

Sometimes you need a little horizontal.



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