An Olio of Optical Attempts

Which title is palindromic by word first letters.

(Small things amuse small minds.)

Here’s a selection of recent photos, which for one reason or another, tickle my fancy.

You never know what will push its way through the barriers to attention.


Daffodil clump pierces beech leaf.

These columbine were once a single seed in an impulse-buy package.


The columbine that blooms by the greenhouse door at Wishetwurra Farm. If memory serves, they’re the variety “McKana’s Giant”.

A slightly different color beckoned…


At the edge of the deck at home, these lilacs are descendants of a plant that for centuries has made its home in this town. Where will they go next?

Let’s leave home, and set off, under leaves’ home.


Under the newly-green swamp maples.

We have a chance encounter, and stop to reflect on the news.


Erik and Christine, Tiasquam Road, West Tisbury, MA.

Just yesterday we went to the annual Woods Hole May Fest.


The weather was perfect, and as usual, a good time was had by all.

The May Fest is where you can be almost certain to run into people you haven’t seen in a while. You’ll get to meet the babies who’ve been born in the last year, and you’ll see how much the other children have grown. It’s one of this town’s “touchstone” events.

The grass was green.


The Green Jacket, Woods Hole May Fest, 2015.

On a different day, in different place, there was this woodshed.

A woodshed worth marveling at.

And no, I don’t care if I ended that sentence a preposition with.


Is this the most perfectly organized woodshed on Cape Cod?

Serendipity’s most recent gift to me was while I was being malled.

In between Wal-Mart and Michaels craft store was this accidental arrangement.

Even the squashed milk jug appeared just right.

IMG_6733 (1)

A leg up at the Falmouth Mall.

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