The Last of the Rogues, plus Tra-La.

Despite a six-week dry spell, our spring flowers are continuing their succession of bloom.

A little dryness can’t overcome stored-up water.


Shoots and leaves…

The last of the “rogues”, the daffodil/narcissus group, are blooming.


The usual sign that the end of daffodil season has come is the blooming of the “poet’s narcissus”. So fragrant that if you ask someone to smell a blossom or two, the result is almost always an exclamation of astonishment and delight.

I particularly love bicolors…


And this one, which came in a mix of bulbs purchased a few years ago, is a standout for unusual form.


Farewell daffs, and farewell tulips, too.

There’s nothing like the inside of a tulip.


The fruit trees have been abloom.


“Granny Smith” apple blossom.

The beach plums have been cumuli of white.

On mornings when it’s warm and still, the air around the bushes is fragrant and full of thousands of insect visitors.


Blueberry flowers have inflated.

These blooms are bonanzas for the bumblebees.


Their long tongues can easily reach inside.


Along a stone retaining wall is a patch of white phlox.


By the greenhouse door are purple columbine.


Purples, and blues…


Every year I forget what these are called. But they’re still delightful.

That’s enough.

A dozen photos.

To celebrate the flowers that bloom in the spring,


3 responses to “The Last of the Rogues, plus Tra-La.

  1. Good morning! Love the Wish-it- were progress posts! also love the floral ones. This one shows lots of great blooms, and correct me if I am wrong, but your white phlox are labeled pinks, and pinks are dianthus types, related to carnations and named for the same picotee edges that zig zag scissors have. They will be blooming soon. So fun to watch Wish-it progress through the year under your knowing hand. Lizzy

  2. Thank you for the horticultural correction. I was seduced by the notion of there being such a thing as a “white pink”. Now I shall make an editorial correction.

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