Cloud Interface.

May 3, 2015.

Early Sunday morning.


WHOI lea, off School Street, Woods Hole, MA.

Woods Hole is quiet.

Very quiet.


Intersection of Luscombe and Water Streets, Woods Hole, MA.

As I get on the boat, a cloud formation becomes evident.


Looking NNW from the ferry “Martha’s Vineyard”, Woods Hole, MA.

A great swath of cloud boundary extends across the sky.


“Broadway”, the Woods Hole channel from Vineyard Sound to Buzzards Bay..

Here in these low and now mostly treed lands of southeastern New England, we don’t see a lot of horizon.

If we want truly grand vistas, it’s to the sky we must look.


How high can a seagull fly?

I was jacketless, the morning was cool.

But the celestial show made it impossible to go below decks.


L to R. Martha’s Vineyard, Vineyard Sound, and Nonamessett.

As we crossed, the cloud formation constantly changed.


The angles of the clouds and the angles of the ferry steel had a discussion.


I was just along for the ride, and didn’t listen all that carefully.

Now I wonder what they were saying.

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