Seven “Whatzits”?

You never know what will call out to you for a picture when you have camera in hand.

Here are seven images from the last week or so.

What are they?


Mystery image number one.




Mystery image number two.


Mystery image number three.


Mystery image number four.


Mystery image number five.


Mystery image number six.


Mystery image number seven.

Good luck.

Happy head-scratching.

In due time, answers will be forthcoming.


3 responses to “Seven “Whatzits”?

  1. #1 Is broken and no longer needed because what it was for is no longer there. It was not used in the sky.
    #2 Is not fruiting. Consider what time of year this is. Although, this growth will actually never fruit. Ever.
    #3 Is stock still and is lit but not well lit at all, so to speak.
    #4 I did not notice whether it was metal or not. I shall have to, the next time I am traveling near these objects
    #5 Is round, and you couldn’t get around without these
    #6 Is roots, but what kind?
    #7 Is furniture. Not in my house. Do you dare say where?

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