Baseball to Flowers to Umbrella

The tompostpile went on an expedition to suburbia this week.

Suburbia was warm, sunny, and pleasant. We spent time with family, including a pleasant interlude at a nearby baseball field, for first-grade baseball practice. Don’t forget to put the bat down before you run to first base!


Glorious greens frame youth baseball practice.

One morning we walked to school with the children.


Watching the big kids.

Some of the young boys, a grandson among them, have been infected by basketballmania, and at any time they are not required to be doing something else, are bouncing, bouncing basketballs.


Dribbling all the way to school.



We planted a few hundred daffodils in order that our dear family might, next spring, remember our visit. Someday the little patches of bulbs will have multiplied, and will look like these, in the yard back at home.


Overgrown clumps of daffodils at Wishetwurra Farm. Time to dig and divide!


We went shopping but photographed none of that.

We were taken by the wonderful spring colors.


Ephemeral magnolia blossoms, framed by pine and oak.

Forsythia peered at us from every roadside, yard, and gate.


The fire hydrants were rakish and bold, against backgrounds equally bold.


May fire hydrant, Hingham, Massachusetts.

We’ll return to the baseball game.




For a portrait of a girl and pink.




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