Hurray Hurray at Wishetwurra Farm

Hurry, hurray!

It’s the First of May!

That is what my father used to say.

Here at Wishetwurra Farm, Mayday was cool and partly cloudy, and we expect to just miss a frost tonight. We suspect that the Airport, out on the outwash plain, will not be so lucky. An hour or so after sunset, it’s already down to 43° out there.

Let’s climb that ladder, OK?

Grab the camera, and get up there quick, because the light is nifty!


The southern zone of Wishetwurra Farm. Look closely and you can see that spring is finally arriving. There’s a dark strip in the garden, the first bed to get worked, where early transplantings of spinach and greens are underway. Some carrots and beets and parsnips and scorzonera, too.

The middle zone view shows more digging and bed preparation. The strawberry beds have been cleared of dead leaves, and weeded. There are some flower buds to be seen, so maybe we’ll get some berries in June!


The middle of Wishetwurra Farm.

And here is the north end.


Neighbors have been bragging about their asparagus for almost two weeks now. We can’t even feel any spears when we stick our hands underground, but are happy to wait, knowing that once the bed starts, it’s going to produce very, very well.

While the Cuba and the Arctic bask in record heat, we’re still Chill. Spring here this year is backward. Sooner or later it will warm up, maybe next week,  but a slow-moving monster low pressure area in the Atlantic has been throwing cold and damp air at us for days and days now.

In the greenhouse seedlings are poking along, waiting for their turn to move out to the main garden.


On sunny days now, it’s important to open the greenhouse door soon after sunrise, lest it get too hot in here.

Inside the house, on shelves in the south facing skylights, the tender annuals are coming along.


Tomato babies stretching out…


The wee peppers have started making their first true leaves. In a few months we’ll have some true peppers.

Outside, on the grounds, other signs of another season may be found.

The hummingbirds arrived, and blur about the yard.

We can occasionally focus on them when they stop at the feeder.

We’re wicked happy that they’re here.


Raspberry buds are racing out into the open air.


Beach plum buds, swollen and almost spherical.


Apple blossoms are in our future. Don’t sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me…

May. But it still feels an awful lot like March.

Sooner or later, summer will be here.

Let’s hope the June report will be a lot greener.







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