Costa Rica: Small Places from the Air.

This post muses on a few small places seen from on high.

To fly over the earth.

What an opportunity!

For so many, flying is such a tedious chore that while in the air they feel compelled to watch movies, or play with their electronic devices, or work on their computers, or read, or try to sleep. That so many seek only distraction or oblivion while being part of a miracle is mostly beyond my comprehension.

One of the best shows on the planet is outside that window, and I hate to miss it.

On an airplane, give me a window seat and I’m in heaven.

Please, take at least a little time, a brief pause, at each of these pictures, and imagine what life is like in these small places.


Village and a river bend, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.


Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. A small town extends along and to the sides of a little bend in the road. If you were a child here, where would you want to go explore on a day when you had the freedom to wander?


Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. T-intersection town. Pastures all around. And off to one side, a tree plantation.


Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. In a town like this, in the right time of year, no child is ever far from a nice ripe mango.


Puerto Viejo, near Lepanto, Nicoya Peninsula. A small town where the tides are big.


On the approach to San José, you see many towns and settlements strung along ridges. I want to drive through these towns some day. A someday noontime will come, we’ll stop some place for lunch, and while looking over the valleys we’ll have the best casado we’ve even eaten. Right?

All things small come to an end. On the approach to the San José runway, we fly over a mix of old and new. Suburban and urban marks appear on the land.


In between Siquiares and Turrúcares. We’re at lower altitude, on the approach to SJO. In the foreground are old pasturelands, now crossed by high-tension electric line towers. Cutting through the pasture, at the top of the frame, is the new Route 27 to the coast. Just above that are railroad tracks, the old 721 road, lined with houses.

The flight’s over now.


Time to go into the City.



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