To the Manor Barn

I sure do love to poke around.

Wouldn’t you want to go through this door and see what’s what?


On the grounds of a Cotswolds Manor, May 2014.

That’s an interesting window.


An ancient yew reflects.

What’s in there?


Portrait of an inquisitive man.

There’s a door…


Manor barn door.

Let’s go in…

It’s a bit dark in here.


That ancient yew, seen directly.

Wait a minute, while the eyes adjust….

Look, will you!



Tools in a manor barn.

I love tools.

Here’s a fine old spade.


Nowadays you don’t see many spades handled this way.

These look like…


potato forks…


The way the metal is attached to the handles says to me that these two forks are at least a hundred or a hundred and fifty years old.

Now, over here on a bench there’s a nice whirl of tools.


Let’s take a look at some of them.


Hedge shears. That other handle has got to be around somewhere…

Here’s a rake head.

I’ve never seen a rake head quite like this.

It has a nicely worn red color.


Rake head. Back home in the States, lots of folks would call this an “iron rake”. Even though it’s made of steel.

Red seems to be a popular color for tools.

It does make them easier to find.


Hmmm…if a name was needed, I’d call this a scuffle cultivator. It’s modern enough to have a plastic handle. And it’s not rusty, so is still used regularly.

Well-used tools have such fine character.


A curved blade anvil-style hand pruner.

And gee, look at this trowel.

I sure do admire this trowel.

A trowel with a real, forged steel blade

Not some cheap piece of cookie-cutter stamped-out sheet steel.

The ferrule that finishes off the handle has slipped off, but that’s no big deal.

And the handle…over the years, this handle has been held for thousands of hours.

And it still has many years of use ahead.


Portrait of a trowel.

They don’t make them like they used to.

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