Excused Absence?

A brief note of apology for the lack of posts lately.

On February 28, shortly after arriving in Nosara, Costa Rica, our hotel room was robbed when we stepped out to go look at the sunset. We lost most of the possessions we had with us.

Including the camera and the computer.

The story of the event is long. Too long to write about now.

We were not harmed, and are safely home.

But for a while the tompostpile will be quiet.

It will be back when we can again take pictures and have better access to a computer.

Consider it a perfect opportunity to explore the archives.


Thanks for your patience…



2 responses to “Excused Absence?

  1. awful

    so sorry

    Sam Low

    Sam’s book – Hawaiki Rising – has won the 2014 Samuel M. Kamakau award for best book published in Hawaii, two Ka Palapala Poʻokela Awards, a Nautilus Silver Award, a Ben Franklin award, an IPPY award and is a finalist for Foreward Review’s Indiefab award in two categories (History and Regional Nonfiction) and the Next Generation Indie Book award in regional nonfiction. Available in stores in Hawaii or Martha’s Vineyard or on Amazon.com



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