Costa Rica 2015 — On the Road, Zona Sur to San José

Back in the land of electrons…San Jose. We’re at the Posada Trianon in SJ. Clean, full of character, familial, and friendly. Not for those who prefer the Holiday Inn or the like. Run by an interesting Colombiana who came to Costa Rica thirty years ago.

The place is remarkably quiet, for downtown San Jose.

Here is a set of photos from the trip back to the city.

Our last view of the valley…


Poro trees line a pasture ridge. They started out as fence posts, as live branches driven into the earth.

The architecture never ceases to amaze.


There’s a house in Heredia whose breezeway/carport dividing wall is not an eye-containing trapezoid but an eight-foot diameter concrete sphere.

Palm Oil factory.


The palm oil factories are working hard these days. This old one is being added on to and improved. Historically, Costa Rica palm oil has been produced plantation-style, on expanses of flat coastal plain, with company towns dotted amongst mega-acreages of palms. Palm oil demand is huge and getting huger. Now we are seeing palm plantings moving on to small farms, not just on flat land, but on sloped ground as well. Around Dos Rios, quite a few of our neighbors are planting palm on pasture land. One of these years we’ll make a report on that…

The coastal plain.


On these hot plains, if you don’t see palm, you’ll see rice, and some pasture (for ganaderia — cattle raising).

A couple of views in towns along the way.


Azulejos, “tile”, is a favored floor material. It cleans easily, especially when waxed, and termites can’t eat it. Many Costa Ricans, if they’re going to use some nice wood, will have it in their ceilings, farther away from the “comejenes”.


Nice dress, earrings, cork sandals, on a bicycle, a bicycle. What a great color for a bicycle. Looks like a ten or twelve speed model, too.

Inside a restaurant at the Tarcoles River bridge.


Restaurant interior view. We have driven past this place often in past years. It’s near the Tarcoles River bridge, where people stop by the hundreds to gawk at crocodiles. It’s kind of a zoo, and we’d never stopped there before. Hunger won out over past habit, and we were very glad it did. The place was a shady, old-time oasis. The food and drink was good, too.

Outside the restaurant at the Tarcoles Rives bridge…


What’s to say about an iguana. We watched this one wander across a fence and then climb up a tree. It’s the one of the nearest things we’ve got to watching dinosaurs, right?

Coming into San José, a view of the new National Stadium…


The new Costa Rica National Stadium is a symbol of China’s increasingly large presence in South and Central America. Very little local labor was used to construct this edifice. The Chinese brought their own.

Later today we’ll splurge, and fly to the Nicoya peninsula.

(Little did we know what was in store for us that evening!)

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