CR6-Another album of people in San José

Our new place of living in Costa Rica has no internet.

But. We have come out into “civilization” to run some errands. We are at a restaurant with an internet connection that seems faster that what Verizon serves us back in Massachusetts. My brother-in-law says that Americans would revolt if they knew how good (and how cheap) internet speed and capacity were in other countries. How’s that “privatization” going for you, ‘Murricans? Don’t get New Englanders talking about this winter’s electric rates…they’re being “Enron-ed” by price manipulations.

Back to San José people.


This fellow was very cheerful. Perhaps stark raving mad, too. He was cruising the streets, shaking and rattling those cans. You can’t see the cans too well in this photo, but they’re well-worn and dented. What wore and dented this man to make him so?


A study in red. Waiting (for liberty?) at the Estación de Buses — Turrialba.


Ogler. Corner of Calle 13 and Diagonal 4.


A lineup of pedestrians waiting for the car traffic to die down. Avenida Central and Calle 9, I think.


Passing some time in Parque Morazán.


Leaving work in the evening. These folks work in one to the Court buildings near Casa Ridgway…from where this photo was taken.


A conversation in Parque Morazán.


Take another look at the major load this man is carrying. That rig has got to be almost 20 feet long. I don’t know what work it is for.


Minding the steps at Avenida 1.


Street friends.


My wife says this person is a metrosexual.


Gentlemen in blue shirts. Somewhere around Avenida 6.


Céllulares are everywhere.


Touching couple.



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