Winter on America. With Meanders. (CR1)

Winter has got New England in a good grip.


. Logan Airport Runway in the snow.


We are lucky beyond belief, and are able to travel south for time away from winter.


Logan Airport, Boston, Massachusetts.


The first leg of the flight is to Dallas, Texas.

Clouds are thick, but we get a glimpse of the ice-clogged Connecticut River.


And not long afterwards, we have a beautiful view of Manhattan and the New York City area.


Manhattan and environs, backlit by morning sun.


Hours later, we pass over the “Father of the Waters”, the Mississippi River.


A new island in the Mississippi River. Look carefully, and you’ll see two barge “tows”. One’s going upriver, the other down.


I wish I could tell you where this next photo is, but haven’t a clue.


Sinuous and sexy rivers meander the belly of the continent.


We see the braided meanderings of the Red River.


The Red River. So many traces of previous courses are etched into the land.



And then Dallas, Texas.







After a three-hour layover, we take flight again.




And soon leave the USA.





The Gulf of Mexico, with barrier beaches, marshes and estuaries. Slashed across and asunder by dredges and diggers.

Costa Rica, here we come.


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