Were There More Ducks than People?

The whirl and blur of the holidays are over.


Christmas tree lights, Falmouth, MA.

The Christmas Tree was taken Down.

Ornaments and decorations packed away.


Used tissue paper abstract.


We went down to Woods Hole town.


Looking toward Juniper Point, from the ferry. You can’t see Juniper Point in this picture.


On a very foggy day.


A foggy day in January. The research vessel Marcus Langseth, seen behind the “9-11” tent structure at the Woods Hole Steamship Authority terminal.

Woods Hole at mid-morning ferry departure times can be very quiet.

The crowds of commuting workers take earlier boats.

There were almost no cars waiting to board to soon-to-depart boat.

So there were ducks.


Ducks at the ferry terminal.

I don’t remember ducks here before.

But I now suspect they may cruise through frequently, in between ferries, when it’s quiet, to look for crumbs dropped by the many people who pass through here every day.


Ducks at the ferry, Woods Hole, MA.




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