Phenology Bulletin: Spring Has Sprung.

In these parts, the shortest days bring with them the first flowers of the year.

The snowdrops.

Sometime between the last days of December and the first weeks of January is when we get our first blossoms.

Today, the fifth of January, 2015, was The Day.

On my way to the store (Alley’s General Store) I slowed down, and saw a flash of white.



You have to get down on your hands and knees to appreciate these little gems. It’s worth it.

While I was kneeling in the muddy grass, I heard a voice —

“Tom — First snowdrops?”


The voice belonged to AA. In this picture, you see her in her dark red jacket, across the street.

I happily reply.




One response to “Phenology Bulletin: Spring Has Sprung.

  1. Love snowdrops sightings! Nancy Weaver had snowdrops blooming last week in her yard (near the Lagoon in VH). Another treat later in the spring is finding the first blooming mayflower (Epigaea repens).

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