So Tweet: More Birds: Costa Rica

As I continue reviewing the archives from the last few years, it turns out that Costa Rica is one place I photograph birds more frequently than elsewhere.

Here is a collection of those photos.

We’ll start up in the air.


Soaring buzzard over the Rio Guabo.


Hummingbird collects treetop nectar.

Another buzzard, but in the trees.


Buzzard and parrot in tree, Rio Caña Blanca.


A swallow pauses on a wire. Cerro de la Muerte power line, CR.

The chachalaca wins a “preposterous and noisy bird” award.

They cruise the branches and holler.


Dos chachalacas en las ramas.

You could call them “rustyhandpump” birds, and not be too far off.


Two chachalacas, in Audubonish pose, CR.

Celebrated worldwide is the quetzal. You can see why.


Quetzal. San Gerardo de Dota, CR.

Back view…


Side view.


What a bird…

So many birds, so many colors…


Silver throated tanager. Outside of San Isidro (Perz Seledon), foothills of the Cerro de la Muerte.


What’s a post about Costa Rica’s birds without a toucan?


Chestnut-mandibled Toucan, back road, above Tres Piedras, CR.

Let’s head back up towards the sky and say goodbye to the toucan.


Toucan in tree at evening time.

Goodbye to the toucan —

And hello to the moon.









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