The Merrie Month of May, or, Moorhens in Malmesbury.

The New Year is almost here. I’ve been reviewing the year’s photos, and have realized that in the “archives” there is a group of three or four thousand photos that have barely been tapped. Last spring, we went to visit friends in Great Britain. There have been very few ‘pile posts about that fair land, and the omission should be rectified.

Whilst in England, we visited a park/garden area in Malmesbury — Abbey House Gardens.


Entrance to the gardens. The gardens and beautiful ancient building were for sale, earlier this year. I don’t know if anyone has bought the place yet.

Part of the gardens included a deep-cut valley, with a little stream running through.


Stairs to the valley. Cunningly wrought railing. And a gardener.

There was a little dam, and a little pond in the midst of the valley.

A populated little pond.


She’s hard to see, but in the distance, swimming this way, is one of the pond residents.

It’s Momma Moorhen, coming to see what the human is up to.


Strong swimming, for a bird whose feet are not webbed. For more on the moorhen, see:

I looked over to the edge of the pond, and saw why she was coming.


The moorhen’s nest, with chicks.



Moorhen reunion, Malmesbury.

She settled in with her babies.


And watched me carefully.

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