A Quick Trip to South Beach

Yesterday was the last day of our current warm spell. The chilliest temperatures since last winter are forecast for tomorrow night. NOAA says we may get to 15°F tonight. Brrrr. The sudden shift will finish off many of the holdouts in the garden. Goodbye chard, goodbye struggling lettuce. I heavily mulched the leek bed with eelgrass, so we can have them available for a while longer. Maybe it was the smell of seaweed that inspired a spur-of-the-moment trip to the South Shore.

I wasn’t the only one taking advantage of the unseasonal warmth. Larry was working with his tractor on the Q/BP Road. He’s pointing to indicate that he’s not straying from his task, and that he should be passed at the turnoff just ahead, on the right.


Larry makes the grade.

Winter colors are subtle, but warm browns and even reds may be seen


Huckleberry understory, framed hexagonally by sumac branches.

Down on the beach, some people could be seen in the distance, down towards Chilmark Pond.


Winter walkers.

There was a strong, steady procession of swells, coming from the south.


As each wave is unique, so is each human being. We follow a pattern, yet not one of us is the same.

Wash and backwash crisscross the surf zone.



Incoming and outgoing waves make wedge-shaped forms of flow.

Birds are busy.


Gulls, a crow, and sea ducks ply the water and the air.

The Great Pond was opened to the sea a few weeks ago, and the Cut is still flowing.



Birds, above, on and under the water.

Then it was time to go.

The pan of my wheelbarrow has rusted through, and I’ve been given an old wheelbarrow whose handles are rotten but whose pan is still sound. Before the weather turns, I need to make one good tool out of two broken ones.

I won’t finish until well after dark, but the job will be done.


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