The Welcoming Committee.

Here is the group of photos that the “Ghost Ferry” photo failed to fit with.

After you hurry to get to the ferry, sometimes you’re early, and you have to wait until it actually arrives.

So you take pictures.


Lichen grows on a rakeboard while the ferry come in.

There are still boats in the water in Vineyard Haven.


Vineyard Haven Harbor, wooden boats, rock breakwater, steel and aluminum ferry.

The first days of calendar-winter have been damp and foggy.


The ferry “Island Home” is so big it has eighteen windshield wipers.

This new ferry is a massive beast.


In which the photographer moves in order to place the ferry within the “frame” of the transfer bridge. He likes the yellow rails, which are nice color on a gray day.

Almost every tangible object on Martha’s Vineyard has arrived here on a boat.


Here’s the full framework of the transfer bridge. I really should ask how many pounds are in each of those two counterweights.

Did you notice the welcome committee?

Here they are up closer.


The Welcome Committee: These “columbas” weren’t exactly sailing the ocean blue.

How long there have there been pigeons in Vineyard Haven?

So many questions….



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