Leaving Woods Hole of a December Noon.

On the ferry about noontime, after some days of clouds and rain, I went up to the bow deck of the boat.


Near to far: Woods Hole Channel, Nonamessett, Vineyard Sound, Martha’s Vineyard, and then the departing clouds.


It may be winter, but Woods Hole is still a busy place.


A busy image of a busy place. A flourescent-green-garbed dockhand wait to toss a hawswer. The ferry “Cormorant” heads out of the Hole. The Marcus Langseth sits stern-heavy at the WHOI dock.


In the northwest, clearing air was coming.


The flying wedge of the cold front shoves aside the clouds’ defensive line. In the Woods Hole Passage, the ferry “Cormorant” is on its way to Naushon.

The signal to loose the hawser sounds.

The monkey’s fist is tossed.





Look carefully in this image and you’ll find the red “monkey’s fist’, airborne, at dock’s edge/

And we start yet another trip across Vineyard Sound.


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