Ghost Ferry

While waiting for the ferry on a warm foggy morning recently, I took a series of pictures of the boat coming in to Vineyard Haven.

The first photo, this one, was a telephoto shot of the “Island Home”, still in the outer harbor.


The Ghost Ferry

I had to leave the photo out of another post I’m working on.

It just didn’t segué right, so it hit the cutting room floor.

That’s what they might have said in the old fashioned days, when there were actual things to cut and to throw on the floor. Now we select and click. No more full wastebaskets. The closest thing to a real wastebasket is the “trash” icon in the corner of your screen.



2 responses to “Ghost Ferry

  1. I have fond memories from my early days working at the MV Times – developing the film and printing in my home darkroom, then driving to Vineyard Haven to the Times’ office where we’d spread the prints out on a big layout table. I distinctly remember the switch-over, the magic of simply developing the film, then scanning the negatives and zapping the files via e-mail to the paper.

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