Wishetwurra Farm December Pictures

At Wishetwurra Farm, December’s warmth continues.


Underneath these heavily mulched seaweed areas, next year’s garlic crop is establishing roots. Here and there, alliacious shoots greenly test the air.

Oats sown on the thick layer of manure are starting to fail.


Failure and death is exactly what should be happening to these oats. By spring, the oat leaves will be a light mulch on the surface of the manured area. There will be squash or tomatoes here, next growing season. No preparation will be needed for planting, other than pulling aside a little of the mulch.


Here’s a patch of parsnips, with leaves lightly limned by frost.


Oak leaves nestle in parsnip foliage.

In some of the unmulched areas, corn salad (“mache”) has established itself in big patches.


Mache patch. We like to let “nice” plants go to seed, so our “weeds” are useful ones.

Mache close-up.


Mache with a touch of frost.

Those plants that have survived November’s few hard frosts have been thriving in our mild spell of these last weeks.

The next chance we get, these “Bleu de Solaize” leeks will get thickly mulched with seaweed.



With seaweed up past the green leaves, these leeks will hold all winter.

The minestra nera thinks it’s spring, and is making flower buds.


Purple leaf center ribs of red russian kale make a compositional “X”.


And lastly, old ribs encircle the yellow stem of yellow rainbow chard.



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