I Took a Walk, or, “What I saw in Thirty-Six Minutes and Two Seconds”.

Just a little walk.

The house was full of fumes from a counter restoration project, and the ‘pile badly needed fresh air.

From the house, I out the road, to and across Music Street, to first stop by the neighbor’s house to see if the poo pile in back of their barn was big enough to fill a pickup truck bed. Yep. It was. Plenty of poo. Must go get it soon. From there, through the fence and down the long field that parallels Music Street, towards the center of town. Destination: library.

My camera is back from the shop. The decision to get insurance for the thing paid for itself. The long-zoom point and shoot is back, with a brand new lens assembly. Which goes in and out like it’s supposed to. Four weeks with no camera seemed like a long time.

The ‘pile has rather a backup of potential posts. I’ll try to get them put together. Since it’s holiday time, there’s nothing else to do.


Let’s head out the road.


Three or four years ago, a red oak along the road died. It’s disintegrating, and bittersweet has been ascending higher each year. I noticed the arcing growth of the shoots, silhouetted against the sky.

And cut across Music Street.

Roll under the electric fence.


In Mary Borders’ old field, a whitefaced hornet nest is disintegrating in the rains of fall.

In the clump of bushes with the hornet nest was an out-of-season happening.



A honeysuckle has not gotten the message about “winter”, and is trying to bloom.

Through more fence.

Fight rose thorns.


In the back field were balloons. A yellow one was tied to a big juniper tree. Here are the red and the orange ones that got away.

Now the walking is easy.





It’s a beautiful field.

Clouds were moving in from the southwest.


Clouds wedge in as the light fades.

Ahead were the lights of town, peeking through the trees. Reflected from the windows ahead of me, orange light sprang at me.

I turned to look.



At the last light of the day.

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