They’re Both Dead. I’m Sorry

Sorry for the dearth of posts lately. Even the Wishetwurra Farm monthly post is overdue. Circumstances have intervened.

Early last November, one of my cameras, the G12 Canon, extended its lens and refused to retract it. Arrgh. No iguanas or crocodiles have been near it, so the cause was not a reptile dysfunction. Oh well, said I, there’s a backup camera, so all is not lost.

Then, on November 19th, while crossing Vineyard Sound on the ferry, I took these two photographs.

The breeze was strong from the southwest, the water was well whitecapped, and there were miragey atmospheric effects at the horizon line.


Chilmark hills are to the left, and Aquinnah hills to the right.

The “gap” you see in these pictures is Menemsha.

“Mirage” makes it appear as if we see two islands, but it’s all Martha’s Vineyard, all connected.



I have not taken a single photograph since these two images.

A couple of hours after these two pictures, when I took my camera out of its bag, death struck.

The long-zoom Canon now just makes little electric motor sounds as the lens tries to move and can’t, and then the viewscreen gives me a nice message that the camera will turn off automatically.

I don’t know why, but I’d gotten an “insurance” policy on this camera when I bought it last relatively recently. I don’t usually fall for stuff like that. The policy is still in effect. So I may get lucky this time. The long zoom has been sent off to “Square Trade” for evaluation, and with any luck, repair.

Cross your fingers for me, OK?

In the meantime, speaking of fingers, mine get itchy every time there’s a good photo-opportunity.

Let’s hope I can scratch again soon.

Thank you,

Tom Hodgson

of thetompostpile



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