Fruits and Flowers of Fall


A time of final flowers.


Chrysanthemums at the foot of Julie’s Woods Hole entry steps.

Ornamental gourds, another fruit, are a feature of fall decorations.


The doorside concrete lady, caught in a cascade of cucurbits.

Fall is a good time to go for a walk with a grandson.


On the way to Sabin’s Pasture, Montpelier, Vermont.

There is lichen to like.


If you like this lichen you can find out more at this link…

There is fuzz to finger.


Ten fingers fondle milkweed floss.

There are cones to crumble.


The lad’s middle name is fall-perfect. You say, “What is it?”. I say, “Frost”.

Soon to come is the time of frost.

The last of the asters blaze like purple stars.


The New England Aster is such a fine flower it is now found throughout the world.

As leaves fall in New England, patterns are exposed.





Corn stubble, Plainfield, Vermont.


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