Musings and Miscellany: Olio-olio-oxinfree!

Today’s post is a visual olio, with musings.


At a contra dance, New Agricultural Society Hall, West Tisbury, Massachusetts. I was in the band, playing music for the dancers. My camera was handy. The boy caught my eye, and reminded me of how at his age I loved to sit and watch goings-on. Look at all the different stages and ages in the picture, see all the various humans’ worlds, where all are enjoying the evening and at the same time all are passing each other by. So many worlds, so much time…

So many things to see.

And to think about.

It turns out that “Olly olly oxinfree”, the source of this post’s punny title, has a history.

But I digress.

Let’s go to sea.


On the far side of Vineyard Sound, water tower and houses loom.

After I took the above picture, I looked around and down.


What happened here?


Seen at the edge of the parking lot at the drawbridge in Tisbury. What happened? Why were these items abandoned? Friend Adele said, “A Mermaid was released today from her mandatory work program at Disney Studios.” What say you?

Here’s another mysterious image.


Field-edge, Chilmark, MA. A sign has been rearranged by a letter-moving “vandal”. I like this kind of vandalism, it’s harmless and interesting. Other arrangements are possible.

With the arrival of fall, rains have begun to visit us again.


A Chilmark field as seen from the inside of a rusty buoy. Two weeks ago this view would have featured a sere and arid expanse of tans and browns. Rain and cooler weather have brought the grass back to life.

We’ve been having nice rains every few days. More are predicted. We’ve been dry, mostly dry since last fall, but if these rains continue, we’ll be out of the drought.


The rains have brought this shelf mushroom back to life. What a rich group of creams, browns, tans, grays, and blacks. All mixed together, just like the world.

Fall colors are creeping in.


Looks Pond, West Tisbury, Massachusetts. The blueberry bush on the left has turned red. To the right, the hemisphere of a big red maple, pondside at Dick B’s house, grows larger every year.

A few weeks more, and Dick’s maple and its reflection will be a great ball of fire.







2 responses to “Musings and Miscellany: Olio-olio-oxinfree!

  1. The shelf mushroom you have photographed and posted within this blog posting is the grandest example of this variety I have ever seen. It shares petal magnificence with certain annual flowers. Wow!

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