A Walk around the Quansoo Area.

We have had friends from “Away” visiting us.

Friends from Away mean that you do things you’d like to do but don’t get around to, like taking a walk in a beautiful spot.

They were here.

And so we went.


Cawing crows hightail it as we appear at field’s edge. This time of year, poverty grass (little bluestem) takes on wonderful russet tones. Black Point Pond, Chilmark, MA.

Flatness is the main characteristic of these outwash plain areas.


Flat land. Trees that try to grow here are flattened by the winds which blow in from the Atlantic.

I took a couple of steps, and took the photo again.

The image works in black and white, too.


Flocks of ducks gather in the great ponds that lie along this shore.


We crossed Crab Creek, to reach the beach.


The beach here extends for miles, miles to the East, miles to the West.


Sky and ocean are vast.

We feel small.




And the swells roll in, roll in.





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