Iron Skillets to Blues: A September Photo Olio.

There has been little posting of late, as this September has been filled with physical labor: cutting and splitting firewood, carpentry work, mowing and pruning and feeding the brush pile, hauling and spreading manure, and much, much more. Even the truck got washed and waxed. That task gets done every few years whether needed or not…. I’m a little stiff and sore, but there’s much satisfaction in having the woodshed full. Even more satisfaction in having a pile of additional cords of split wood, covered and drying next to the woodshed. That kind of “savings” is better than money in the bank.

There’s been less time than usual to write anything. My favorite camera died. The poor thing sits on my bureau, with a lens that refuses to retract. It’s old enough and used enough that repair may not be worth attempting. My “backup” is OK, but bulky in comparison.

But there are a few images from the last few weeks that seem worth sharing.


Two little girls and a split rail fence frame a skillet thrower at the Fair. In the distance is a man with a blue hat. 


Two little balloons escape. Seen at the ferry dock in Vineyard Haven. Red and Green on Blue.


Blue balloon at dusk. At the drawbridge construction site at the opening to Lagoon Pond. It took some trying to get this shot…the wind was strong enough to make the ballon bob and weave constantly.


Blue skies over an early morning freight boat, Woods Hole, Massachusetts.


What would have been blue, in black and white. An athlete zips across the water of Vineyard Haven Harbor. When I took this photo I did not know who this person was, though I might have been able to make a good guess. It’s young Robt. Douglas. He picked me up hitchhiking a few days ago, and identified himself as the hydrofoil kiteboarder. He went to France yesterday to compete in the French Nationals.


Subtle blue underlies a leaf-veiled Nonamesset House. Still-subtle fall color is creeping into the shrubbery. More color will be coming soon, and early. Why? To start with, it’s been dry — so dry that the leaves are already starting to fall — water-starved trees are starting to give up their leaves. And the temperatures are cool. Last night at our house it got to 45° — and out at the Airport it was below freezing for a while — 31° around midnight. My friend Aaron posted the season’s first “frost picture” this morning. Brrr.


Here are modest gray and black and pink and blue symmetries of a reflected Menemsha sunset.


And here are some not-so-subtle nonsymmetrical pinks and blues. To the West, the Elizabeth Islands loom on the horizon.


The only blue here is a glimpse of blue T-shirt. I’m quite fond of this portrait. A busy background doesn’t always work, but here? So many stories are contained in the details.


No blue. Silhouetted travelers on the ferry to Martha’s Vineyard.



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