A half dozen from the Upper Tiasquam

The next-eldest grandson’s mother called “Poppa” to see if he could take care of one of her sons for a half a day while she had some things to do.

Poppa was be glad to.

Mr. T almost always wants to go to the garden first thing, and it can take some effort to persuade him to do anything else, so we went to the garden first, so he could get his “fix”. After a while I told him that it was time to get in the car, that I was going to show him something. No, we’re not going to stay in the garden, you’re coming with me.

Poppa had been remembering and thinking about the Tiasquam River, where he had explored as a child, about sixty years ago. That’s where I was taking him, but I didn’t tell him.

Before we left, Mr. T insisted on bringing a net. Sure, why not?

He wanted to know how long it would take to get where we were going. I told him five to ten minutes, probably six. We took note of where we were at each passing minute on the way to where a certain path goes off from a certain road.

We pulled over to park at the six minute mark.

Here is a very small glimpse of where we were, the upper part of the Tiasquam River Valley.


We head up the brook. 


The day was hot, the brook valley was cool.

He disappeared around the bend…


He did, too. That net came in handy.


After admiring his catch, we let it go…

For some people, there is nothing as fine as messing around in boats.


For us, there was nothing as fine as messing around a brook. 

Over, under, around and through.


Can you find the boy?

What a wonderful place to be.


We shall return to the Tiasquam.

Another time.




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