Martha’s Vineyard Fair 2014: Noirsville

I did not go to the Fair on Saturday. Why? I got seduced by the garden, which needed a lot of weeding and thinning. Example: if I don’t finish thinning the carrots, our fall storage crop will be composed of skinny little roots, instead of nice big fat ones. The thinnings are beautiful little carrotlets, which along with other things there are surplus of, will go today to one of the Island’s great chefs, for him to work magic with. All that garden work was tiring, so rest was in order. Then the Flying Elbows had a birthday party gig. By the time I got home, there was no way I was going anywhere.You can hear the Fair from where we live, a half mile from the fairgrounds, so that was some consolation. Sometimes, if you’ve done something for decades, there can be as much pleasure in not going as in going.

I’ll go over today, the last day of the Fair. There’s been no rain, so there might be some good pictures of dusty, faded flowers or dusty, faded people. People who have Fair booths don’t get much sleep, for about a week, and they get to looking tired.

In the interest of “tired”, I’ve sucked the color out of a few images.

Here they are.


Nighttime pig says, “Why did I wake up?”


Side view of Mermaid Farm’s unshorn five-month old icelandic sheep.


Goods for sale, silhouetted on tentside.


Midway leaper.

Good night, pig.


As Charlotte said, “SOME PIG”!

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