Martha’s Vineyard Fair, 2014: Friday Report — Humans, a Little Dog, Ducks, Sheep, Goats, a Pretty Little Girl and My Ugly Feet.

Here are a few sets of images from yesterday’s (Friday) Fair.

We don’t have a dog or cats.

So it’s always a treat to have pet-owning friends visit. Especially the pet-owning friends who have our favorite petcritter, the little dog “Fuji”. Fuji and I got to hang out together while the rest of us went into the “fiber tent”, where dogs are verboten.


Fuji and Tom relax while C, A, & S go fibrous.

Sometimes I think you can see more at the Fair if you sit still. When I was a kid I went tearass all over the fairgrounds. What was I looking for, anyway? If you sit, you can notice better what passes by. Like the friends child who walked by. She was once a waiflet so skinny you worried that even a zephyr might knock her over. Now she’s a solid woman, a grownup,  with “tweenage” kids. It was so much fun to see her (and to not be recognized) that I just kept my mouth shut and watched her, and the small(ish) ones, go by.

A young man came by with his grazing goats. He’s got a business with his goats. You hire him to bring his goats to your place, and the goats eat your brush. Rates are variable, approximately fifteen bucks per day per critter. He’s not interested in the dairy aspect. “Too complicated and expensive…”, he said. If you like goats, that’s one way to get paid for having them! I took a picture of a darling little girl, offering the goatlets a cloverleaf, but got photobombed.


I guess you’ve never seen anything until you’ve seen a miniature woman jump from a goat’s tail to a little girl’s finger…

My friend and I walked over to take a gander at the horse pull.

Watching, I wished I knew all the names of the harness parts. I couldn’t tell you the difference between a hame and a winkerstrap. How wonderful it is, that there are still humans who give their all to such atavistic pastimes as this. Long may people cultivate esoteric and anachronistic passions, full in the face of a too-rapidly changing world.





In between the fiber tent and the livestock barns, is what I think is another of the true treasures of the fair.


Side view of Alan Healy’s five-month old icelandic sheep.

Look at that wool!


Jealous yet, you Pulis and Rastas?

The fair treasure is Andy Rice, about whom more later.



The Fair is an annual touchstone. You can count on seeing friends and family, even unto many generations. Here’s Dale McClure, chatting while waiting to move weights for the horse pull. I think he’s been pulling horse pull weights since the Fair started having a horse pull.


In closing, let’s say hello to the runner ducks.


Were I an anaphile, I’d keep runner ducks. I have a relation who’s an anaphile.

She keeps runner ducks, and I don’t blame her. What lovely creatures. No awkward waddling for them. Even in numbers as small as the half dozen pictured here, they flock together. If Nancy Luce had been given some runner ducks, would she have switched over to them, and kept them instead of her now-famous chickens?

Nancy had a chicken named Ada Queetie.

What would she have named a runner duck?

Any suggestions?

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