Martha’s Vineyard Fair 2014: Whilst Leaving, End of the First Night.

The start of the Fair for me, these years, is to visit the Hall in the late afternoon, get a bite to eat, and then to rendezvous with my Flying Elbows bandmates to set up for the “Acoustic Corner” event. (Sarah Piazza sat in with us, and also took some photos… ( ) Some years we’ve been seriously jammed up from previously scheduled events going overtime, but this year that was not the case. Setup was unhurried. For the first time in ages, we were able to start on time. We had some wonderful “sit-in” visitors, and finished as the Fair wound down for the evening. I took a roundabout stroll, through the local booths, the Midway, and past the livestock barns, before going down the Panhandle, to home.

Here is a little album of what I saw whilst leaving.


Pushing the stroller. I don’t remember strollers being this size when my children were babies. If these things get any bigger, they’re going to need motors, and video monitors, and you’ll have to register and insure them, and get a new inspection sticker every year.


Over in the Midway, some Aliens were…well, enjoying each other’s company.


Little Boy Blue.


Leapin’ with the bungees.


Jealous, I was, of this beautiful little girl’s light-up bubble-blowing gun.


I was not sure if this young woman knew what was behind her.


Silhouettes at evening’s end.


A pigture is worth a thousand words.


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