Martha’s Vineyard Fair, 2014. The Bestiary.

Thursday is a good day for a first pass through the Hall, before petals wilt, leaves sag, and dust accumulates.

An octopus got me.


This masterfully designed floorcloth cephalopod engages with and extends past its gold and red-pinstripe border. Notice how the adjacent curly table leg echoes the curl of tentacles.

It seems like  the beasts at the Fair always snag me at one time or another.

This year it happened during the first pass through the Hall, on Thursday.

Those eight legs turned me into a sucker for finding more critters.

There were rabbits on pants.


How much is that….


doggie in the window?

There was a crotchety ring-tailed lemur.


Lemur catta, subspecies “crochetensis”.

Hard by the dog were three hooked rugs, all creature-themed.

Another octopus!!!



A flounder.


Imagine your life if when you grew up you just laid down on the ground for good, and one of your eyes moved across your face so it didn’t have to look at dirt all the time… Your favorite song would be “Sole Man”.

You have probably never seen a rug with  picture of a skunk on it.

(I hadn’t.)


Please, will somebody pay the maker of this rug a small fortune, and then give the rug to Luanne Johnson, of “Biodiversity Works”? Visit for more information.

We rest our eyes on a sleeping fibrous cat.


Cats are lithe, but I can’t quite wrap my head around this feline’s anatomy. Not that it matters. Check out the book titles!

This bird is safe from the cat, which is behind glass.

I think this next may be a hummingbird.

What a concept, to compose a birdbody from geometric shapes.

Drawings like this are utterly glorious.


Some artists spend entire lifetimes relearning how to regain such spontaneity and inventiveness.

Martha’s Vineyard has many exceptionally talented artists, and not all of them are children.

This posts ends with a work by one of the best.

Or should it be: “bestiari-estest”?


Omar Rayyan

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